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Saturday, October 26, 2013

How To Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger Blog

How To Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger
Well, today we are here for you with another awesome post and we hope you will like it very much. Previously we shared How To Grow Your Blog Effectively which was well appreciated by all of our readers and today we are here with another splendid feature of Google Team which has been introduced few days back means its new in the market ;). 

This feature is Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger. I hope you will like this feature very much. As Google+ is the latest social networking platform and it has grown very much in the past few years. Many famous webmasters and bloggers mainly use Google+ for their blogs and websites. So, this newly introduced feature of Google+ is a great support for the Google+ users. By this feature Google+ posts can be embedded in any webpage but today here we will be discussing How To Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger.

Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger Blog

This feature is really being appreciated in the market and we hope confidently that you will also encourage this effort of Google Team. Embedding Google+ posts in your blogger blog is not such a difficult task but as it will be your first time so we will e guiding you all through this. 
  • Go to Google+ and log in to your account
  • Find the post, you want to embed on your blog.
  • Hover the mouse cursor on the top right corner of the post and a down arrow will appear, Click it.

  • After Clicking that arrow, some options will appear in the down-menu. In those options there will be one name Embed Post. Click On It !

  • After clicking that, the embed code will appear, copy that code.

  • Now go to Blogger >> Create New Post.
  • Go to HTML Tab

  • Paste the code there.
  • Complete your post and publish it on your blog
  • And you have done it !

Your Turn !

Today we discussed with you How To Embed Google+ Posts In Blogger Blog. If you have some queries please comment below or if you think you have better ideas or methods of presenting the same post, please don't hesitate to share with us!. Will meet on our next post. Till Than Happy Blogging ... !

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Grow Your Blog Effectively

How To Grow Your Blog Effectively
When a person becomes a blogger, a wish automatically generates in his mind. In other words we can say that every blogger has a wish that he always wants to fulfill and he tries his best. That wish is How To Grow His Blog Effectively. No, doubt every blogger wants that his blog gets popular and gets tons of traffic daily, gets renowned worldwide because blogging becomes everything to him and his success depends on his blog's success. So, today we will be discussing some of the major and very very important factors which a blogger must implement over or for his blog in order to get a renowned success in the blogging world.

1-Hard Work

As you may know, Hard Work is the key to success. Same is the phenomenon in blogging. If you are a hard worker and continue your this ability in your blogging passion success will be waiting to hug you. But! if you are not a hard worker you must become a hard worker because Hard Working is the first survival task in blogging. If you can't do that blogging is not for you !

2-Dedication And Honesty With Your Work

In spite of the Hard Work dedication and honesty to your works also depends the most. Don't lose dedication with your work. Always, remain keen to gather new ideas related your blogging niche. Don't copy from anyone other's blog because it will not damage him or his blog but if he reported you, you will be ruined. You can't even think what could to your blog if someone reports for you.So, please always work with love, dedication and honesty as Honesty is the best policy !

3-Search Engine Optimization 

The above to points were for your inner abilities.Now, you come to the practical work. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered the back-bone of a successful blog. As its a popular quote that Behind a successful man there is a woman similarly Behind a successful blog there is a perfect Search Engine Optimization. So, no compromise with your blog's SEO. Its also the most complex part of your blog because you create a new blog most of the time you have to give to the SEO of your blog but once you had a perfect SEO of your blog it will act as a tree which will give you fresh fruits in every season!.

4-Do Follow Back-linking (Guest Posts)

Getting Do-Follow back-links is also very important and a key tool to get bundles of traffic to your blog. Its a sort of advertising because you guest post on others blog and in a reward he gives you a do-follow back-link to you. But ! Keep in mind don't get these back-links from bad sites because Robots also come from those sites to check your site. So, be careful in this case and only submit guest posts to those blogs which have a good rank worldwide.

5-Social Media 

Having a touch with Social networking sites or social media is also very important. For example if you have a page of your blog on Google+ or Facebook its very beneficial for you because you will be posting daily updates of your blog on that page and the people in touch with that page will receive that update and they will check out your blog. So, in this case social networking websites also give huge and organic traffic and also loyal readers sometimes ;).

Your Turn !

So, Guys ! That's all. I have listed the most important factors which should be applied on a blog for its success. If you think you have some better ideas and facts please don't hesitate to share with us. Infact we appreciate the thought sharers. Will meet on our next post. Till Than .... Happy Blogging .... Roger And Out !

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog?

How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog
Now a days, most of the people chose blogger.com for their start with blogging. This is because I think blogger.com is much simpler and easier than WordPress or Joomla. Or that its connected with Google and so drives a lot more traffic from the Google server.This is correct that Blogger has many merits and many famous webmasters and bloggers are using it or have used it once but it also has some major de-merits. Its most annoying and worst thing is its automated system which detects the spam blogs and comments and removes them without any notification or prior warning. Actually, its for the safety of all the users of Blogger but as I have told earlier that its an automated system so sometimes it wastes all the hard works of the bloggers by deleting the blogs which are not actually spam. If you are using the Blogger platform for your blog than I highly recommend you that you should have a complete backup of your blog in your computer disk. In order to be safe from any incident by the automated system. So, instead of bracing your self in case of getting your blog deleted take a complete backup of your blog in the way I show you below.

Why To Download Complete Backup Of Your Blog ?

As, I have told you earlier that Blogger.com has an automated system that has very strict rules and regulations and it doesn't listen of anyone. If it gets your blog in its era of rules, it deletes it without a warning or notifying you even one time. So, it will be better if you have backup of your blog and your hard work will also be not wasted. In second case of your Blogger account gets hacked by anyone and if the hacker deletes your blog. You have no choice instead working from the start again. So, again I say, instead of bracing of your self after getting your blog deleted and your hard work wasted. You should have a complete backup of your blog.

Download Complete Backup Of Your Blog 

Its not any difficult task but everyone needs hint the first time. So, I will guide you through the whole procedure. First we will be going to download the template that will be currently on the blog and secondly we will download all the data on our blog.
Backing Up The Template Of Your Blog

  • Go to Blogger >> Template
  • Click on the "Backup/Restore" button at the top right corner.

How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog?
A popup will appear saying "Download Full Template" click on that and you have successfully completed the first step !
How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog?

Download Whole Data Of Your Blog

  • Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Others.
  • There will be an option "Blog Tools Area" below and in front of "Others" .
  • Straight ahead of it, there will be a button "Export Blog".
  • Click that button and whole data of your blog will be downloaded.

How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog?
  • When you will click, "Export Blog" button a popup will appear.
  • In that popup their will be an option "Download Blog" click that button.

How To Download A Complete Backup Of Your Blogger Blog?
  • It will take sometime to download the whole data of your blog. 
  • That's All !

Your Turn !

Keeping the BR Traditions, we have done our best to provide you the best and quality methods of Download whole data of your blog. If you have any queries regarding this article please comment below. Will meet on our next post. Till than Happy Blogging ..... Roger And Out !

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make Money With Adsense By Writing

Make Money with Adsense by Writing
Adsense is dream of every blogger and they think when they start making dollars with it. But now a days its become very difficult to got non hosted Adsense account. Why this happen? This is an important question toward making money money online with Adsense because if have idea then you know how to work with Adsense but if not then read carefully.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Attractive Advertise Here Widget For Blogger

Attractive Advertise Here Widget For Blogger

Attractive Advertise Here Widget For Blogger

Hello Everyone! Today i am sharing beautiful advertising widget on Widgets Arena.This is very attractive widget for advertising option on your blog.
It has very beautiful effect on mouse hover.This eye catching widget attracts more visitors and advertiser on your blog :)
Lets Start...

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