Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Make Money With Adsense By Writing

Make Money with Adsense by Writing
Adsense is dream of every blogger and they think when they start making dollars with it. But now a days its become very difficult to got non hosted Adsense account. Why this happen? This is an important question toward making money money online with Adsense because if have idea then you know how to work with Adsense but if not then read carefully.

 In start of Adsense,
everyone have access to it so people take this opportunity in a wrong way start working against the Adsense policies so Adsense need to do some amendments in his program policies which results some hard condition for bloggers to approve on Adsense and also this cause mass banning of a number of account in the year of 2010-2011. This is just happen due our mistakes that we play wrongly with Adsense.

This is a long discussion so move towards our today topic which is real ways to make money with Adsense. Now as you people know that Adsense has divided account in two parts, one is hosted and other is non hosted. If you have non hosted account then you can put it anywhere but if your are not able to get this due to any reason then just read this post that how you can still make money with it.

There a number or sites like hubpages which offer Adsense revenue sharing program so you just have to sign up there and write a few articles there and then go for Adsense. They will easily approve your application and allow you to put ads on hosted sites. After getting this you just puts ads on your hosted articles either on blogspot blog or hubpages or any other hosted program. This is one way to make money with hosted Adsense account.

Now the second way is to make money with those site which offer their own Adsense revenue sharing. There you just need to sign up and start writing articles and submit there. After approving your articles will be live on that particular site so now you need to bring traffic on your articles to generate income for you.

So these are two basic method with which you can make money online by writing articles on other sites and you don’t need to make your own blog or sites and this also avoid you from the headache of managing and doing SEO of your blog which is really a big headache for every blogger.

This is for today so stay tune till the next post and share this post with your friends for the acknowledgement. If you have any problem the just share it with. I will try my best to solve your problems.

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  1. Nice Post @Mughees , keep writing :)

    1. Bro This Post Is Written By @Muhammad Saleem :)

  2. nice..in some months i will working on adsense i struggle to approve adsense account can you tell me what is diif betwween hosted and non hosted adsense acc..plz

    1. hosted is for blogger and non hosted for domain.

  3. http://insaf4pakistan.blogspot.com/

    This is my blog, I have published long text rich 400 plus posts. and yet i am not approved for adsense . I get message that " INSUFFICIENT CONTENT" Plz check out my blog and guide me what should i do? I am sad :(

    1. Bro nice blog try to invest your some time in writing great post.

    2. Insaf, I will provide you an Adsense for your blog. Contact me.

  4. I will Provide you an Adsense acoount for Free!
    The Original approved adsense account is best


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